Overlord Services brings you years of experience in our field and a commitment to your safety. Whatever your inspection needs—for elevators, moving walkways, escalators, wheelchair lifts or any other device that moves people and things—you can trust that you're getting the highest standard of service possible at the best possible price.

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Our inspector is NAESA internationally certified and Virginia state certified; we are an insured inspection company that can meet all your business needs.

Elevator, Escalator, & Moving Walk Inspections

When a new elevator, escalator, or moving walk is installed, it can only be used once it has passed a rigorous safety inspection (acceptance test). It is our belief that an acceptance test is one of the most important inspections, and the responsibility of checking that all safety aspects have been properly addressed is something we take very seriously. Similarly, if an elevator, escalator, or moving walk is modified, it must be retested before use can be resumed.

Once in service, all elevators, escalators, or moving walks are required to be inspected at least annually (periodic inspection), and in some jurisdictions, every 6 months (routine inspection). For traction elevators, a special 5-year full-load test also has to be performed on a regular basis. Overlord Services can assist with any type of inspection, and on all types of device. A periodic inspection requires the presence of your maintenance mechanic, whereas a routine inspection does not. We are happy to coordinate with your maintenance mechanic to arrange the type of inspection you require at a time and day convenient to you.

All our inspections are performed to appropriate National (ASME) code specifications. You will receive a detailed inspection report, which we will also send to your City or County Building Official, where applicable.

When the elevator, escalator, or moving walk has passed the safety inspection, we will issue a Certificate of Operations, if that is not provided by your municipality.

Please contact us for any information that you require. Overlord Services is all about overseeing safety.

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