Overlord Services brings you years of experience in our field and a commitment to your safety. Whatever your inspection needs—for elevators, moving walkways, escalators, wheelchair lifts or any other device that moves people and things—you can trust that you're getting the highest standard of service possible at the best possible price.

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Did You Know?

Our inspector is NAESA internationally certified and Virginia state certified; we are an insured inspection company that can meet all your business needs.

Overview of Services

Our core goal is to help protect owners and users of elevators, and anyone who works on them. For a most thorough and in depth inspection, we would invite you to place your trust in Overlord Services LLC.

Acceptance tests

Newly installed devices that move people and things need to be inspected (ie, undergo an acceptance test) before being put into use. For the benefit of the company that installed the device and those persons who own or will use it, the device must first meet current Code specifications before being put into service. If the device is modified at any time after that, another test of this nature has to be performed. Overlord Services can provide an impartial and thorough inspection to ensure that standards are met.

Periodic and routine (annual and semi-annual) tests

To maintain safety standards, existing devices need annual (and often semi-annual) inspections. Overlord Services can assist with these inspections, helping maintenance companies and owners comply with local and national regulations. Let us know the requirements of your municipality and we will happily help you meet compliance.

Five-year full-load tests

A 5-year full-load test is a particular type of test required only for traction elevators. Overlord Services is experienced with such testing, and can assist when this is required.

Installation consultations

Overlord Services also provides consultations at the planning stages or before acceptance testing. Whether the device is being built in new construction or fitted to an existing building, or is being modified, a consultation can help avoid pitfalls and identify problems that need to be rectified prior to acceptance testing. A pre-acceptance test consultation can save contractors or installers time and money by minimizing the chances of failing the acceptance test and incurring reinspection fees. It can get owners an authorized permitted use of a conveyance sooner, too.

Shipboard inspections

As for devices located on land, shipboard conveyances for moving people and materials should be inspected regularly to assure safe operation. Overlord Services has had experience with on-board consultations and inspections. All regular testing requirements can be checked, as well as any that are specific to the vessel or device use.

Accident Inspections

It is a sad fact of life that accidents do happen. When an accident involves a device that moves people or things, it is to everyone’s benefit to determine whether the cause was mechanical malfunction or human error. By having an inspection of the device performed after an accident or incident can enable such a determination to be made. Overlord Services can provide expert and impartial examination of the device and incident circumstances, for the good of all parties, and determine safe future use of the device.

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