Overlord Services brings you years of experience in our field and a commitment to your safety. Whatever your inspection needs—for elevators, moving walkways, escalators, wheelchair lifts or any other device that moves people and things—you can trust that you're getting the highest standard of service possible at the best possible price.

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Did You Know?

Our inspector is NAESA internationally certified and Virginia state certified; we are an insured inspection company that can meet all your business needs.

Areas Served

"What areas do we service?" is a good question, if a little complicated to answer. Overlord Services LLC operates anywhere in Virginia, primarily where a municipality does not have an inspector of its own. Those municipalities typically accept third-party inspections, which we can perform. Sometimes, even if a municipality has its own inspector, we are called in to assist. Statewide, we can provide services to state and federal facilities at any location. Military devices can be inspected absolutely anywhere, as can shipboard devices. Consultations before or during installation of a device can be arranged anywhere in the country.

So what are we saying? Please feel free to contact us no matter your location or inspections needs, and we will be happy to help if we are legally able.

Here are some of the locations we often serve:

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